Stop Wrangling Data. Start Getting Insights

Nansen is a leading blockchain analytics company and offers programmatic access to blockchain data from over 16+ chains via its data platform product: Nansen Query.

How Is Nansen Query Different?

Compared to other data providers, Nansen Query is targeted toward enterprises.

  • Unique Datasets & Comprehensive Coverage: Go beyond event, trade, or price data to better understand your users, their needs, and trends.

  • We Obsess Over Complexities to Give You the Right Data: We apply our knowledge from labelling 250M+ addresses to remove noise from the data so that you don’t have to.

  • Run Faster. Up to 60X Faster: More than 2M queries. Run fast without breaking.

  • Powerful. Do Anything With Nansen Query: We work how you work across many different use cases.

  • You Are Not on Your Own. Work With Professionals: Dedicated onboarding and Customer Success Manager. We are committed to making you succeed together.

Using Nansen Query as a blockchain data platform, analysts and engineers can perform blockchain research, combine their internal data with blockchain data, or feed the data into their own pipelines.

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics!

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