Data Catalog

Nansen Query is a set of standardized data tables meant to cover the entire blockchain ecosystem: including activities of the blockchain itself, aggregated blockchain usage metrics, and event level data for specific projects.
Nansen Query covers multiple blockchains and employs a standardized data schema across all chains. This makes it extremely easy to use without having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of any particular chain or project.

Dataset Structure & Naming Convention

Nansen Query contains the following types of data:
  • Chains: data from the blockchain itself, such as logs, blocks, transactions, and token transfers
    • These datasets have the prefix "raw_" followed by the name of the chain
    • Example: raw_ethereum contains the chain data for Ethereum, raw_ethereum.transactions are the transactions dataset for Ethereum
    • raw_ethereum.token_transfers contains all the ERC20 token transfers for Ethereum
  • Tokens: Token datasets mainly include pricing information and are organized by chain. If the data is sourced from a third party, it will be annotated.
    • current_token_prices_coingecko contains the latest price for a token according to CoinGecko. This table can be used for any dashboard which require the latest price
    • daily_token_prices_coingecko contains the historical TWAP price for each token according to CoinGecko
    • hourly_token_prices_coinpaprika contains hourly TWAP prices for tokens according to Coinpaprika
  • NFTs: Transaction and balance data related to NFT and NFT marketplaces
    • These datasets are organized by the chain where the NFT are deployed
    • These datasets have the prefix nft_ followed by the name of the chain
    • Example: nft_ethereum.nft_balances contains all the NFT balances on the Ethereum chain
  • Dex Trades: Transaction level information for all Dex trades for all wallets
    • Data for all tokens traded on covered Dexes
    • May not cover custom AMMs
  • Aggregates: Aggregated statistics about wallets, tokens, and entities
    • User statistics and characteristics to quickly find interesting wallets
    • address_stats table contains a list of all Ethereum addresses behaviorial parameters that can be used for user segmentation and research
  • Snapshot: Votes and proposals from snapshot.org
  • Market Indicators: Specialized data used as trading signals