🖥️Dashboard Editor

To create a dashboard, first click on the "New Dashboard" button at the upper left of "My Dashboard" screen and enter a name for the New Dashboard.

A new dashboards starts off as a blank canvas. Dashboards can contain two kinds of objections:

  • Text Boxes: Can use Markdowns for contextual information

  • Widgets: Tables or charts generated from Queries

Text Boxes

Test boxes allows the user to enter in text information and use Markdown to display different information. A preview will be shown for how the text box will appear.

Clicking on Add to Dashboard will create a text box on the dashboard canvas. The dashboard can be resized or moved around by click and dragging on the lower right corner of the text box or at the top, respectively.

To edit the text box again, click on the vertical ellipsis (⋮) at the top right of the text box.

To delete the text box, click on the "X" at the top right of the text box.


Widgets must be derived from an existing query. After clicking on "Add Widget", a list of available queries will appear. If a query has a tag associated with it, the tag will also appear.

Once a query is selected, a visualization must be selected from the query. All visualizations from the Query are available for selection. See the visualizations section for how to create visualizations for a query.

Once visualization has been selected, it will be added to the current dashboard. The process can be repeated until all the elements of the dashboard have been added.

To save the dashboard, click on "Done Editing" and the dashboard will be saved.

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