⚙️API Keys

Understand the difference between User Keys and Query Keys

Your API Key can be found on: https://query.nansen.ai/users/me

Quick Summary

1) Always use the [User] Key to initiate a query

2) Use either the [User] or [Query] Key to retrieve results

The User key contains all the permissions and is required to run a query.

The Query key can only retrieve the latest results.

This setup is more secure, as it allows the API results to be used in cases where you don't want to expose your User Key, but still want others to be able to retrieve the results.

User and Query API KEY Details

Only User API Keys can initiate a query refresh! Both User and Query API Keys can be used to retrieve results.

The Nansen Query API offers support for authentication via API keys. There are two distinct types of API keys available:

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