Similar to My Queries page, the My Dashboards page lists all available dashboards.

To open a dashboard, click on the dashboard name.

Dashboard Categories

This page provides a list of all dashboards accessible by the user, along with some commonly used categories for easy browsing.

My Dashboards: These are all the dashboards accessible by the user.

Favorites: A list of dashboards that have been starred by the user, including queries that have been shared with the user.

Example Queries: A list of example dashboards for the user to get started

Archived: These are dashboards that have been archived. These no longer show up in search results.

In addition, users can also search for queries by name using the search box.


A dashboard can have multiple user-generated tags. By clicking on a tag, the user can see a list of all dashboards that have this tag. This is an easy way to classify and find dashboards.

Dashboard List

This section displays all dashboards that meet the filter criteria applied by category or via tags. For each dashboard, the dashboard name, creator, and creation time are displayed. It's possible to sort columns by clicking on the arrows next to the title for each column.

To create a dashboard, click on the "New Dashboard" button and proceed to the next page.

Dashboard Functionalities

After clicking into a dashboard, depending on your permissions, you can:

  • Mark a dashboard as "published" to signify that it is complete

  • Refresh all charts on the dashboard

  • Edit the dashboard

  • Archive the dashboard

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