📂Database Overview

Nansen Query provides on-chain data for multiple blockchains via our SQL database.

The data contain raw block data, aggregated category data (dex, lending/borrowing, stablecoins, etc), and events from individual smart contracts. The data is hosted on Google Cloud BigQuery for easy access.

For example, users can create a table within Nansen Query that has all the deposits and withdraw events for certain smart contracts. This data can then be joined with other data (such as the number of Twitter mentions by hour) to create a comprehensive dataset for analysis.


Currently, Nansen Query is hosted on Google Cloud. We're actively considering supporting new data vendors. Please provide feedback to us here on what database provider or technology you're using and we'll evaluate it promptly.

Access to Nansen Query via Good Cloud requires a Google Cloud account. After that account is granted access, the data be accessed via the BigQuery console, the BigQuery CLI, or the BigQuery API.

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